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Ring Radiator Services is a complete heat exchanger maintenance and servicing company. We specialize in servicing the heavy equipment, generator, locomotive, industrial and marine industries.  For over 50 years we have serviced, built and designed heat exchangers, radiators and cooling systems for various applications including Caterpillar, Cummins, MTU, Mitsubishi, Kohler, Detriot, Wuakesha, compressors, pumps, oil field equipment, steam condensers and process cooling. When you have mission-critical equipment to be repaired there is no better choice.


Repairs can be performed in-house with complete testing capabilities, or onsite when equipment removal is not possible by our team of highly experienced technicians.

radiator repair, heat exchanger repair, shell and tube repair, oil cooler repair, charge air cooler repair​​


cleaning shell and tube heat exchange

We provide complete solutions for Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers (eg. oil coolers, heaters & condensers.).....more

Heavy dump truck radiator

We started as a service centre repairing radiators more than 50 years ago. Today we are a leading heavy-duty repair facility for jobs in Ontario and beyond .....more

Locomotive charge air cooler

We specialise in Charge Air Coolers Servicing and Repair; offering you a one-stop solution in the shortest possible time......more



At Ring Radiator Services our overarching philosophy is to develop designs and solutions for our customers that both meet their needs today and protect them from problems that they could face in the future. We look to be a value-added partner to our client in the supply of thermal management systems for their stationary engines.


No corners are cut, and only premium grade materials and components go into a Ring Radiator Services repair. We will follow best practices in our work and unusual concerns communicated to our customers along with a proposed solution to remedy the situation.



Before radiator
Before radiator

Locomotive radiator before overhaul service.

After Radiator
After Radiator

Locomotive Radiator after overhaul service.

Tube plate before service
Tube plate before service

Rusty tube plate before service.

Serviced tube plate
Serviced tube plate

Tube plate after service.

Shell and Tube before service
Shell and Tube before service
Shell and tube after service
Shell and tube after service


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Sutton Stromart is a complete radiator manufacturing company with Headquartered Toronto, Canada. For over 40 years it has manufactured radiators and cooling systems for various applications including power generation, pumps, oil field equipment, steam condensers and process cooling. (www.suttonstromart.com)

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